Why Superfeet Insoles Are The Perfect Fit For LOWA Boot

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Here at LOWA, we have boots to suit any occasion and perfect for any outdoor activity, from hunting, camping, walking and hiking. Our enduring, functional and high-quality LOWA boots will never let you down, especially when you need them most. With specialist military designs inspired by security forces, expedition teams, the military and police worldwide, the LOWA brand caters to varying and extreme demands with ease.

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We know that you will be wearing your LOWA Boots for a sustained period of time, whatever the activity you are participating in, therefore we make both comfort, fit and practicality top of our criteria when designing and manufacturing our world-class boots. The same methodology applies to when we create our footbeds/insoles. Much like our LOWA boots, we have insoles fit for every purpose and occasion (whatever that may be.) Our insoles range from Climate control insoles to Summer footbeds / Winter footbeds and even Trekking and hiking footbeds, making choosing the correct LOWA insole easier for you than ever. Along with our large range of insoles, we also have Superfeet insoles, they are the perfect fit for any LOWA boot, here's how…

Superfeet insoles have science in every layer. Based on the principles of Podiatric medicine, Superfeet's shape, design and manufacture have set the standard for support. Superfeet insoles help adapt the flat, two-dimensional mid-soles of your footwear to your three-dimensional foot. The distinct Superfeet Insole shape helps to stabilise the foot, while the deep, structured cup and full-length foam provide support and comfort.

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The Three Keys To Every Insole

1. Structured Heel Cup - Encapsulates and positions the soft tissue under the heel, maximising natural shock absorption. This will help to reduce fatigue on your lower limbs, enabling you to work to the best of your ability for long periods of time.

2. Rearfoot Support - The support you feel towards the back of your arch and the front of your heel is the district Superfeet Insole shape, stabilising the rear foot. This will help to eliminate foot pain, whatever activity you are carrying out.

3. Firm Stabilisation - A firm foam layer and a stabiliser cap combine to make the supportive shape that Superfeet Insoles are renowned for. It is often a misconception that soft insoles are better for your feet, however, in the longer-term - firm footbeds provide more comfort as they support the feet. A firm insole better supports the navicular bone, which is the keystone of the arch. By supporting the keystone, the rest of the midfoot and forefoot are placed in a better position and can function more efficiently.

Superfeet Wide Green Insoles

To ensure that our Superfeet insoles are always the perfect fit for you LOWA boot, we also have the Superfeet Wide Green Insoles within our collection. With all of the same scientific technologies as the other Superfeet insoles, the Superfeet wide green insoles will be perfect for you if your feet are slightly on the wider side. We recommend that you try these insoles placed within your most used LOWA boots and trim them to the perfect fit for you.


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