What Makes A Boot A Tactical Boot?

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Tactical boots, also known as police boots, are specifically designed to handle tough situations. Particularly common within the military, police force, and other public services, these kinds of boots excel in demanding environments and are perfectly suited for long-term use. Designed for enhanced performance and longevity, tactical boots must be hardwearing and sturdy yet also lightweight and comfortable.

LOWA Tactical Boot

Commonly made from full-grain leather, split leather, nubuck, suede or faux leather, the material tactical boots are manufactured from have a major impact on its lifespan, water-resistance, breathability and other qualities. For instance, boots made from synthetic materials are often lighter, cheaper and easier to break in than their full-grain leather counterparts; however, they also tend to wear out faster than a real leather boot that has been properly cared for. 

Another vital feature of tactical boots is a supportive midsole. Designed to act as shock absorbers, the two materials most often used for midsoles are ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) and Polyurethane (PU), both of which are ideally suited for reducing the impact and strain placed on the feet whilst running or during long treks. Without midsoles to properly support and cushion the feet, walking even a short distance in a pair of tactical boots would quickly result in discomfort. 

A lot of time and effort goes into the development of new midsole technologies and materials, in an unending effort to create the most effectively balanced combination of comfort, support and durability. Though undeniably essential, midsoles are often underappreciated and overlooked by those who are in the market for a new pair of boots. Because of this, at Task Force Distribution we make every effort to extol the virtues of the various midsole technologies used in LOWA boots. 

Top 5 LOWA Tactical Boots

LOWA offer a variety of tactical boots possessing all the essential features required, in addition to a few welcomed extras; such as a waterproof GORE-TEX® membrane, which also provides enhanced comfort. Below are just 5 examples of the tactical boots available from LOWA.

LOWA Renegade GORE-TEX® Mid Boot - Black

LOWA Renegade GORE-TEX® Mid Boot - Black

LOWA Renegade GORE-TEX® police boots are a top seller on LOWA Military Boots and have proved popular for daily use within the Police and equally amongst those who enjoy hiking, backpacking and mountaineering. These LOWA boots deliver incredible comfort throughout the day whilst also providing the durability required when traversing the rough, uneven terrain they’re likely to be put through. Made with full-grain leather uppers, these tactical boots are built to the highest possible quality standards to ensure their longevity.

LOWA Military & Police GORE-TEX® Combat Boots - Black

LOWA Military & Police GORE-TEX® Combat Boots - Black

A certified working boot built to EN ISO 20347 - 2012 specifications (Code: O2 WR SRA FO CI HRO), these versatile LOWA Combat Boots are fully waterproof and are perfectly suited to tackling tough, rugged landscapes. Suitable for use all year round, the GORE-TEX® Performance Comfort Footwear membrane within the boot ensures its user will be afforded maximum comfort as they tackle the challenges ahead of them. Stylish as well as practical, the tall leg shaft of these LOWA tactical boots provide an enhanced level of support and feature an easy open and close hook lacing system. 

LOWA Tactical Police Patrol Boots - Black

LOWA Tactical Police Patrol Boots - Black

Part of the LOWA Task Force Collection, these Tactical Patrol Boots feature a strong and sturdy Cambrelle® lining to ensure feet remain insulated in cold conditions whilst allowing them to breathe in more temperate climates. Quick-drying when wet and suitable for urban, arboreous, or mountainous topography, these full-grain leather boots are incredibly hard-wearing and their Vibram® Tsavo soles provide unrivalled grip, shock-absorbance and stability. 

LOWA Innox GORE-TEX® Tactical Boots - Black

LOWA Innox Gore-Tex Mid Boots - Black  

LOWA Innox tactical boots are lighter than your typical hiking boot and yet have been designed to provide far greater flexibility and protection than their wearers would otherwise receive. Waterproof, weatherproof and breathable thanks to their GORE-TEX® membrane, these black police boots have a close fit and can be confidently relied upon throughout a wide range of strenuous outdoor activities. 

Another remarkable feature shared by all boots in the LOWA Innox range is the double injection support frame made from DynaPU® polyurethane foam. Exclusive to LOWA boots, this optimised PU foam cushions feet and works with the GORE-TEX® Performance Comfort membrane to keep discomfort at bay and delay the onset of fatigue.

For more on the LOWA Innox range, read our LOWA Innox GORE-TEX® Mid-Boot spotlight.

LOWA Elite Light Tactical Boots - Black

LOWA Elite Light Tactical Boots - Black

A relatively new addition to the Task Force collection, the LOWA Elite Light is - as its name would suggest - a lightweight alternative to the standard tactical boot. Made with full-grain leather uppers, these LOWA boots have EVA midsoles that guarantee their wearer’s comfort and grip firmly onto all surfaces, thanks to the unique lug design of their Vibram® Aconcagua soles.The result of over 90 years experience, LOWA Elite Light Tactical Boots are ideal for running over long distances or walking in from dawn till dusk.   


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