Why Vibram Rubber Outsoles Are Perfect For Military Boots

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Vibram has been making outsoles for boots and shoes since 1935 when a tragic accident inspired the brand’s founder - Vitale Bramani - to create soles that were effective on a range of terrains. In 1937 Bramani patented the first Vibram vulcanised rubber sole, the Carrarmato. This outsole design proved to be extremely popular and that popularity has withstood the test of time, with the Vibram Carrarmato remaining one of the most trusted and commonly used soles by mountain climbers, hikers and outdoorsmen.

The brand has come a long way since the 1930’s and Vibram’s range of soles has grown exponentially. From the casual Vibram Evaflex to the Vibram Grip specialised free climbing sole, nowadays there is a Vibram outsole for every possible situation. In addition to providing enhanced grip and support, Vibram soles also provide increased comfort and that is why they are the perfect fit for LOWA military boots. Some LOWA military boots are also lined with a Gore-Tex membrane, which complements the outsole and provides wearers with an assortment of benefits that simply cannot be rivalled.

Not all military boots in the LOWA Task Force collection benefit from Vibram soles, but those that do tend to be specialist boots such as the LOWA Combat Boot, LOWA Desert Elite, and the LOWA Mountain boot. This is because specialist boots demand specialist components and with Vibram outsoles, you not only get specialisation but also specificity. At a glance, it can look like the Vibram outsole range contains a lot of the same, but in actuality, no two soles offer the same thing and it is the seemingly minor differences between them that make Vibram soles stand out.

Vibram Outsoles & LOWA Military Boots

Over 30 boots in the LOWA Task Force Collection enjoy the benefits of Vibram outsoles, and while there are a great many outsoles in their range, the Vibram Apptrail, the Vibram Tsavo, MVS, Aconcagua and Vialta are the four that LOWA rely on most often.  

Vibram Tsavo Outsoles

Vibram Tsavo Outsoles

Designed with a self-cleaning profile that ensures the best possible grip, the Vibram Tsavo is suitable for a wide variety of terrains. Complete with an undercut heel design, these outsoles include cushioned PU midsoles to ensure wearers remain comfortable when walking and their feet do not ache or become fatigued.

The Vibram Tsavo can be found on the following LOWA boots: LOWA Mountain, LOWA Combat, LOWA Patrol, LOWA Super Camp 2, and the LOWA Mega Camp.

Vibram MVS Outsoles

Vibram MVS Outsole

Made using soft rubber to provide greatly enhanced levels of comfort, the Vibram MVS has been designed with a tread pattern that compounds the support offered by a boot or shoe. This increased degree of support complements the sole’s special cleat configuration, which in turn provides a beneficial roll-off feature.

The Vibram MVS can be found on the following LOWA boots: LOWA Desert Elite, LOWA Recce, LOWA Urban, LOWA Urban Military 2, LOWA Ranger Thermo and the new LOWA Elite BW GTX.

Vibram Vialta Work Outsoles

The Vibram Vialta provides outstanding grip on almost any surface in order to ensure their wearer’s safety while working. Made with large expulsion lines, the pattern of these LOWA outsoles has been designed to push trapped mud and snow outwards as their user walks, thereby maximising the traction they’re able to provide. Like many other Vibram soles, the Vialta Work Outsole comes with a comfortable PU midsole that also acts as a shock absorber.

The Vibram Vitala can be found on the following LOWA boots: LOWA Renegade, LOWA Recon, LOWA Uplander, and the LOWA Renegade Lo.

Vibram Aconcagua Outsoles

A practical sole specialising in outdoor use, the Vibram Aconcagua is perhaps the best suited when it comes to arboreal landscapes such as jungles and forests. The Aconcagua’s purpose-built cleat configuration provides perfect grip on all surfaces, while its microbe-resistant EVA midsoles cushion the wearer’s feet so that they might keep walking all day without becoming fatigued or sore.

The Vibram Aconcagua can be found on the following LOWA boots:  LOWA Elite Jungle and the LOWA Elite Light.

Visit the LOWA website to learn more about the soles used on LOWA boots.


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