Our Top 5 Most Reviewed LOWA Police Boots - 2021

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If you’re in a law enforcement based role, such as the Police, security or border control, it’s likely that you’ve got a strict dress code to abide by and are required to wear boots that are completely suitable for your role. Whether you're new to the force or are simply looking for a new high-quality pair of boots, we can guarantee you won’t be disappointed with LOWA police boots. 

Our LOWA police boots have been highly recommended by our customers, and what’s better than hearing the feedback of real people testing the boots you like before purchasing them. Keep reading to find out what the top 5 most reviewed LOWA police boots are, here at Taskforce Distribution. 

LOWA Combat Boots GORE-TEX® 

LOWA Combat Boots In Black from 3 angles

One of the most popular boots in the Task Force collection is the LOWA Combat Boot, which comes highly recommended by a range of occupations from the armed forces, to the police and emergency services, as a result of the comfort, fit, longevity and ability to perform in any environment that they provide. 

As well as this, these LOWA police boots are also EN ISO 20347 certified and classified as occupational footwear, so if you’re looking for a certified pair of work boots for your job, these are definitely worth considering. 

The Lowa Combat GTX boots has been on my radar for some time. I'm from Singapore, and ordering online might seem a bit of a hassle. However, the customer service at Lowa UK is truly exceptional, like clockwork military precision. Many thanks to Scott for ensuring I get the right fit to the shipping of the boots on the same day I confirmed the order. This is a very fine example of phenomenal customer service of Scott and his staff at Lowa UK and I believe many who have bought from them have receive this same royal treatment regardless of who you are.” 

“I am not sure if all the other reviews for this boot are from men but anyway thought I would give a women's view on these boots!I have owned these boots for a year now. When I bought them ( having done comparisons between these and Altberg) I was concerned as to whether they would be on the heavy side for me. After having worn them for a few hours it was immediately apparent that not only were they the most comfortable slipper-like boots I had ever worn, but also the weight was not an issue at all…They have been faultless in their comfort, support, warmth and toughness. I have been on numerous multi-day hikes in Wales in all weathers and seasons carrying 15 kg packs across all terrains. They have been used for road walks, for rescue training and general walking.” 

LOWA Mountain Boots GORE-TEX® 

The LOWA Mountain Boot In Black From 3 Angles

Made from full-grain leather to ensure they're as sturdy and durable as possible, these LOWA police boots are ideal if you're looking for boots that are hard-wearing and versatile. Sharing a lot of similarities with the LOWA Combat and LOWA Patrol, which we’ve just looked at, it comes as no surprise that the LOWA Mountain Boots are the most highly reviewed LOWA police boots on our site.

Placed my order Dec. 7 and got my order on Dec. 9. If 2 days isn't exceptional, then maybe the fact that I live in the United States will add context. Speaking of exceptional, I wore my boots immediately and found them very comfortable. The construction is second to none. I am so proud of these boots that I want this review to stand out as a testament of satisfaction and a strong endorsement of Lowa. I plan to buy more Lowa boots in the future. Thank you very much.

Dear Lowa I would just like to say thanks for such a fantastic pair of boots I am a police officer and bought a pair of your mountain boots for work and they are the best boots ever, I have served in the British forces and different uniform jobs and nothing else comes close My feet are always comfortable, warm and dry and 7 years on they still look as good as new Three years ago I had my toes crushed and broken whilst wearing them and no damage to them I have had them professionally resoled twice with vibram soles and still they go on...... Thanks again

LOWA Elite Light Boots 

If you’re looking for something a little more lightweight in the LOWA police boots range, take a look at the LOWA Elite Light Boots. Having been tested, by the UK military and police you can be sure that these boots are going to be perfectly suitable for your police role, whether you are on desk duty or out on the job. 

I’m a Police Dog handler. I’ve tried countless boots over the years but always end up returning to Lowa. These are without a doubt the best lightweight boots I’ve ever owned… The Elite Light even without a waterproof membrane stands up to wet conditions very well. I’ve kept them treated with leder gris once every week or so which is quick and easy with the lacing system compared to other branded boots. They are very comfortable, breath superbly and are a great alternative to my heavier Combat boots which I keep for really foul conditions. For every other day, I wear these. I’ll be buying another pair before they become very hard to come by.”

I am a 24/7 response Police Officer in the UK and I have been using these boots for about three weeks now. The quality of these boots is excellent, the Vibram sole provides "all day comfort"/ cushioning and has proven very grippy on wet pavement, mud, slippery floors etc. The lower part of the boot is made with thicker leather than the upper providing a solid dependable feel. The upper (ankle area) comes up high and is made of very supple leather allowing excellent ankle movement, I have driven in these boots for 7 hours solid and I can honestly say they are like slippers! The lace-up system is quick and again high quality. These boots required no breaking in period and were ready to go straight out of the box. I have walked the High Street for 5 -6 hours straight, driven, run, climbed over walls, walked through ankle-deep mud and these boots far exceeded my expectations. Being a non-Goretex boot these kept my feet cool and dry (previous gtx boots have made my feet far too hot!)....if you are a Police Officer I honestly can't recommend these boots enough for Patrol!”

As of March 2021, the LOWA Elite Light has been discontinued and is no longer available from Task Force Distribution. If you're looking for a similar boot then we recommend the LOWA Renegade II as the closest alternative. The LOWA Renegade II shares many of the LOWA Elite Light's popular features, with the inclusion of a Gore-Tex Lining. What's more, unlike the LOWA Elite Light, the LOWA Renegade II has a LOWA "Patrol"​ sole rather than a Vibram® Aconcagua sole.  Unlike the Elite Light, the Renegade II is CE EN ISO 20347: 2012 certified​.

LOWA Patrol Boots 

LOWA Patrol Boots In Black From 3 Angles

The LOWA Patrol boots are renowned for being the most recognisable boots in the Task Force collection, thanks to the suitability for military and police use. Overall these LOWA police boots have received an outstanding 5-stars by every one of its reviewers, with many reviews claiming them to be the best boots they’ve ever used and more. 

“After injuring my heel from walking in shoes on cobbles, these were an untested choice. After five years the soles and heels are worn through from 5,000 km of heavy use on road track and cobbles. The best boots that I have used. Just bought a new pair to replace the first pair!”

“Bought my LOWA Patrols back in 2010 and I am still wearing them now. They have lasted 8 years of 13-hour shifts and I cannot fault them. Comfortable, hardwearing and long-lasting. Highly recommended.”
Serving Prison Officer (2018) 

“Far and away the best boots I have ever worn! Very comfortable from Day 1. After breaking my leg last year and spending 6 months non-weight bearing, I have problems with my ankle. Not with these boots!! The ankle support is superb and the cushioning allows me to walk normally (and without walking aids) for the first time in a year. I would highly recommend these boots to anyone.”

As of March 2021, the LOWA Patrol boot has been discontinued and is no longer available from Task Force Distribution. If you're looking for a similar boot then we recommend the LOWA Mountain. As mentioned above, the LOWA Mountain is the most highly reviewed boot on our site and has many of the same features as the LOWA Patrol, plus a Gore-Tex Lining.

LOWA Recon Boots GORE-TEX® TF 

LOWA is always looking to provide the best boots for its customers, and as a result, the LOWA Recon Boots were created to replace the LOWA seeker. Improving the tongue design and simplifying the lacing system, these LOWA police boots are an ideal choice for boot runs, driving and more. 

“The Lowa Recon GTX boots are a pleasure to wear. They fit really well straight out of the box and the build quality is excellent. They are relatively lightweight and yet give excellent ankle support. This is my second pair of Lowas and I am desperately trying to find an excuse to buy another.”

“These are probably the best boots I have bought ever. They are strong reliable and most of all comfy. I have had no problems with these boots what so ever and have used them in all sorts of weather and climates. Quick and easy to lace up and they broke in very quickly. What can I say if you are looking for a boot that is a good all-rounder then I would purchase these.”

As of March 2021, the LOWA Recon has been discontinued and is no longer available from Task Force Distribution. If you're looking for a similar boot then we recommend the LOWA R6 as the closest alternative. The LOWA R6 shares many of the LOWA Recon's popular features, however, the R6 uses a LOWA "Patrol" Sole rather than a Vibram® Vialta.  It is also CE EN ISO 20347: 2012 certified​.


While these are the five most highly reviewed police boots on our site, there are many more LOWA police boots available for you to choose from. If you want to see what else we have to offer, you'll find the entire LOWA Police Boot Collection on our website. If you're still not sure which pair of boots to go with after taking a look, feel free to get in touch and we’d be happy to go through the best boots to suit your needs. 


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