Full Grain Leather, Split Leather, Suede & Nubuck - The Difference.

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One of the most frequently asked questions we get when it comes to our range of LOWA boots is “What is the difference between nubuck, split leather, full grain leather and suede?”, which is why we have decided to answer the question within the Task Force Distribution’s blog and news page. To start with, though, we’ll have to answer a more broad question; namely ‘What is leather?’.

Leather Boots

Lowa Boot wearing Royal Marine Cadets win Gibraltar Cup 2015.

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At the turn of the year Task Force were approached by cadets from the Truro Detachmanet (Alpha Coy) of the Royal Marine Cadets (RMC) who wanted help with potential boot sponsorship as they were struggling with boot uniformity, fitting, sizing and quality. With assistance from Lowa, W. L. Gore & Associates and ourselves we were able to send 14 pairs to the delight of the staff and cadets themselves. We even heard that one cadet slept in his brown Lowa Mountain GORE-TEX® boots.  


The Ten Tors Challenge

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The Ten Tors Challenge

Every year 2,400 young people from across South-West England take part in the Ten Tors challenge. This trek which takes place in early May sees participants aged between 14-19 compete to finish a route of up to 55 miles in length across Dartmoor in Devon.


LOWA Boots Used In The Gunman Movie - Sean Penn

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The Sean Penn movie "The Gunman" released on the 20th March 2015 contained boots provided by lowamilitaryboots.com (Task Force Distribution Ltd.)