The Importance Of Safety Boots — 6 Ways They Protect You

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We all know that essentially the purpose of safety boots is to keep your feet safe as the name suggests. However, do you know what the importance of safety boots is in protecting you against the following? 

3 x LOWA S3 Safety Boots

LOWA Boot Spotlight: The LOWA Z8 collection

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The LOWA Z8 collection is a demonstration of LOWA’ s commitment to advancing its footwear technology. In response to the requirements of military and law enforcement personnel, the LOWA Z8’s are an addition to the highly popular LOWA Zephyr boots.  Military personnel asked for a hybrid boot that is more multifunctional than a traditional combat boot. Here’s what LOWA delivered….

LOWA Z8 Collection

Introducing The New LOWA 4 Season Pro Sock Collection

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Task Force Distribution is proud to introduce the new LOWA 4 Season Pro Sock Collection. Now available on our website, these socks have been designed with LOWA Boots in mind, allowing them to complement and enhance many of the features already provided by LOWA Boots from the Task Force range. Socks are often overlooked when it comes to buying and wearing soots, but the right pair can take footwear that’s already comfortable to the next level. 

LOWA 4 Seasons Pro Sock Collection

LOWA’s 5 Best Cold Weather Military Boots For Winter 2020

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As winter sets in we’re faced with colder temperatures, more rain and the added possibility of snow. When out and about in harsh weather conditions it’s crucial that our footwear can withstand the elements. Leather boots which have not been manufactured with winter in mind are likely to become damaged in adverse weather conditions through cracking and rotting. This is why LOWA have designed durable military boots which use the most effective techniques to protect against the winter weather. Cold weather military boots guarantee protection without sacrificing the comfort of leather. Intended to keep your feet comfortable and warm in adverse weather, below are our top 5 recommended military boots for winter 2020.