Known Chrome Payment Issues

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We have been made aware that several customers are currently experiencing issues at Checkout that are preventing them from placing their order. So far, these instances have been limited to visitors using Google Chrome.

The Benefits Of Hiking On Our Physical & Mental Health

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The benefits of hiking on our physical health are likely to seem pretty obvious. We know hiking is a great form of exercise and therefore it is effective in building our physical strength, endurance and stamina. 

What we might underestimate are the invaluable benefits of hiking on our mental wellbeing. Away from the stresses of modern life, exercising in the great outdoors provides a mental boost which you simply cannot get from a treadmill.

Woman hiking through the forest

10 Perfect Christmas Gifts For People In the Military

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If you have a loved one who’s in the military, you’ll know how important it is for them to have the right tools and equipment. This Christmas, why not get them something practical which will help them out during training and deployment? In order to help you find the most thoughtful Christmas gifts for people in the military (and ones which they’ll actually find useful), we’ve put together some of our top 10 recommendations. 

Christmas wrapping paper

LOWA Military Boots 2020 Christmas Gifting Guide

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If you’re still unsure what to buy your loved ones this year, here at LOWA we might just be able to help. We have a range of Military Boots and accessories that are perfect for that friend or relative who loves the great outdoors. A pair of LOWA Military Boots is not only an incredibly practical gift but one that will last them years and years if they’re properly looked after.