Military Fitness For Beginners: How To Get Started

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If the words ‘military fitness’ fill you with dread please don’t stop reading just yet. Contrary to popular opinion, military fitness doesn’t have to involve being shouted at by a PTI as you attempt 30 press-ups. You don’t need to be the fittest person on the planet to take part in military-style fitness training as a civilian. What we mean by ‘military fitness’ is a type of training used by the military that can be adapted to suit different fitness levels. This will involve the likes of bodyweight exercises, circuit training, running, weighted tabs or rucking alongside a whole lot of determination. 

Person at the gym using Ropes

What Causes Athlete’s Foot & How Do You Prevent It?

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Athlete’s foot is a common fungal infection that affects the skin on the feet. The main symptoms are itchiness, particularly between the toes, and red skin that is sore, cracked or dry. If you do a lot of exercise or training without wearing the correct footwear then you may have experienced these symptoms before. The infection is called ‘athlete’s foot’ because it’s commonly found in athletes, but why is this and what causes athlete’s foot?


LOWA Military Boot's Top 7 Summer Hiking Boots For 2021

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When you’re hiking in hot weather the last thing you want is a pair of clunky walking boots weighing you down and making your feet rub. A good summer hiking boot should be supportive and durable yet lightweight and breathable. Luckily LOWA have a range of boots that cover all these properties. To help you find the best summer hiking boots, we’ve selected our top 5 LOWA boots that are perfectly suited to the warm weather.

LOWA Military Boots National Parks Spotlight: Wales

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Many of our customers enjoy tabbing, walking or hiking across the Brecon Beacons in Wales, making the best use of their LOWA boots and putting their abilities to the test. If you’re looking for UK national parks to explore, hosting a range of hugely popular trails are the Welsh national parks, which take up an extraordinary 20% of Wales. Whether you’re a local resident of Wales or not, Snowdonia, the Brecon Beacons and the Pembrokeshire Coast are worth a visit. You can take adventure-packed holidays here or visit for the day, the choice is yours.