5 Health Benefits Of Tabbing & Yomping For Fitness

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As we have all been spending a lot more time at home, some of us have been taking up hobbies. Whether it's taking part in live social media workouts at home or getting outdoors for a run or jog, it is likely you have tried something to keep fit during this time. The question is, have you heard of tabbing, rucking or yomping?

If you are in the military you will know what these terms mean, but if you aren't, it is essentially walking at a fast pace with a large weighted backpack (Bergen/Daysac). Thanks to the weight involved this pushes you more than a normal run or jog burning more calories in the long run. It can provide many benefits when carrying out this form of fitness as well as being a free form of exercise so there is no need to pay for any gym fees.

A big mountain in Pen-y-Fan


LOWA Boot Spotlight: The LOWA Zephyr GTX® MID Range

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We’ve recently looked at what makes LOWA military boots the best boots for hiking and while doing so, the ever-popular LOWA Zephyr range came up over and over again. With this in mind, we wanted to discuss the LOWA Zephyr GTX® MID Range in a little more detail and to give you a better idea of what benefits these boots provide.  

LOWA Zephyr Boots In Coyote OP, Black, And Dark Brown

10 Fun Activities, Hobbies & Things To Do While Hiking

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As much as hiking is a fun thing to do on its own, sometimes it can get a bit repetitive and a good way of changing your hiking journeys (apart from the route) is by including some fun activities and things to do on your hike. Many hobbies lend themselves well to do whilst hiking, so why not think about some of your other hobbies and see if you can combine them together.​

What Production Methods Are Used To Make LOWA Boots?

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In order to make the best quality footwear, we follow strict steps when producing our famously high-quality LOWA boots. From selecting pollutant-free cowhides to obtain the best leather right the way through to the final stages of packaging and shipping. LOWA makes no compromises in ensuring quality, comfort and functionality.