Why Superfeet Insoles Are The Perfect Fit For LOWA Boot

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Here at LOWA, we have boots to suit any occasion and perfect for any outdoor activity, from hunting, camping, walking and hiking. Our enduring, functional and high-quality LOWA boots will never let you down, especially when you need them most. With specialist military designs inspired by security forces, expedition teams, the military and police worldwide, the LOWA brand caters to varying and extreme demands with ease.

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How To Choose The Right LOWA Insole For Your LOWA Boots

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Our feet take a lot of stress every day, and when that stress isn't properly absorbed it often leads to serious pain in our ankles, knees, back and hips. LOWA insoles are of excellent quality: absorbing shock, evenly distributing weight and can provide arch support. LOWA Military Boots have a selection of footbeds available, therefore it is important that you purchase the perfect LOWA insoles for you. The best way to select your perfect insole for your military boots is to really think about what climate you will be wearing your boots in, and what you will be doing whilst wearing your LOWA boots.

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LOWA Tabbing Boots: The 5 Best Boots For Rucking

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We recently looked into the health benefits of tabbing and found that comfortable footwear is one of the most important items you need alongside clothing, socks, your bergen, daysack or backpack.

If you’re a keen ‘tabber’ or ‘rucker’, as our American cousins like to call it, - then you will know that not just any footwear can be worn, the weight of the bergen on your back puts a lot of pressure on your body so it’s important to make sure that you are wearing the right footwear to provide support in this form of exercise.


5 Health Benefits Of Tabbing & Yomping For Fitness

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As we have all been spending a lot more time at home, some of us have been taking up hobbies. Whether it's taking part in live social media workouts at home or getting outdoors for a run or jog, it is likely you have tried something to keep fit during this time. The question is, have you heard of tabbing, rucking or yomping?

If you are in the military you will know what these terms mean, but if you aren't, it is essentially walking at a fast pace with a large weighted backpack (Bergen/Daysac). Thanks to the weight involved this pushes you more than a normal run or jog burning more calories in the long run. It can provide many benefits when carrying out this form of fitness as well as being a free form of exercise so there is no need to pay for any gym fees.

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