LOWA’s 5 Best Cold Weather Military Boots For Winter 2020

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As winter sets in we’re faced with colder temperatures, more rain and the added possibility of snow. When out and about in harsh weather conditions it’s crucial that our footwear can withstand the elements. Leather boots which have not been manufactured with winter in mind are likely to become damaged in adverse weather conditions through cracking and rotting. This is why LOWA have designed durable military boots which use the most effective techniques to protect against the winter weather. Cold weather military boots guarantee protection without sacrificing the comfort of leather. Intended to keep your feet comfortable and warm in adverse weather, below are our top 5 recommended military boots for winter 2020.

LOWA Boot Production - A Detailed Yet Concise 5-Step Guide

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Lorenz Wagner, the son of the shoemaker, Johann Wagner, established the LOWA Company in 1923. Though the LOWA story began with the production of traditional Bavarian Haferl shoes, Lorenzo quickly came to see that things had to change. The high quality of the handiwork involved in the welt-stitched shoes, coupled with a manufacturing process that stemmed from the mountains, made it necessary for Lorenz Wagner to expand his operations in the late 1920s. The first factory buildings were built for this purpose in 1930 and 1931, and the foundation for further success was laid with Alpine boots and lace-up Ski boots for mountain infantry.

LOWA Military Boot's Top 6 All-Weather Boots

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Let’s face it, in England we aren’t always blessed with warm, sunny weather so it’s important to be ready for all weather conditions. Many LOWA military boots at Taskforce Distribution are perfect all-weather boots, with the main feature they share being a GORE-TEX lining (a waterproof, breathable membrane designed for all-weather use).

If you’re looking for a new pair of all-weather boots, keep reading as we go through our top 6 all-weather LOWA boots.

LOWA Boot Spotlight: The LOWA Innox GTX® Range

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If you’re interested in a pair of LOWA  Innox GTX boots but aren't sure whether they're the right fit for you, this article ought to help you make up your mind. Established since 1923, LOWA has stood for comfort, quality, perfect fit, innovation and function for almost 100 years and this is reflected in every single boot that LOWA creates; including the LOWA Innox. 

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