Our Top 4 Choices For LOWA Military Cadet Boots

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We’ve previously discussed some of the important things to look for when buying Military boots for cadets. Balancing the various qualities that you’re looking for can prove to be a difficult task at the best of times particularly when it comes to something as vital as proper footwear. To make things easier we’ve put together a list of the top 4 LOWA cadet boots. Going through each pair of cadet boots, we’ll highlight the strengths of each one and give you a quick rundown on what makes each one stand out from the crowd.

Army Cadets Wearing LOWA Military Boots

What Makes LOWA Boots For Women Perfect For Female Feet

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It may seem obvious but for a long time, the fact that men and women’s feet are different was largely ignored. From LOWA’s perspective as a boot specialist, this is an incredible thing to gloss over as there are many ways in which men and women differ physically. This is obviously apparent in the shape and size of the foot, but the way load-bearing areas tend to differ between the sexes should be another consideration. All these typical variations should be reflected in the design of footwear worn by women, particularly military, police and tactical boots, as they can be used in any number of situations where stress is placed on the foot.

3 LOWA Military Boots For Women

Jobs That Require Anti-Slip Safety Boots & Work Shoes

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Safety should always be paramount in the workplace and having the right equipment is a key role in preventing accidents. While things like hard hats, Hi-Vis vests and jackets, and even steel toe caps are almost synonymous with safety gear, there are a whole range of other dangers that need to be guarded against. We’ve made a shortlist of jobs that require anti-slip safety boots or work shoes to prevent trips and falls, which make up a significant amount of workplace accidents. This isn’t an exhaustive list by any means, but ought to highlight the variety of the professions that have made anti-slip safety boots and work shoes a requirement as part of their uniform.

Task Force Distribution's 5 Most Reviewed LOWA Police Boots 2020

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Our collection of Police Boots increased to 24 different models during 2019 and each one has different technical specifications, strengths and uses. We know that seems like a lot of boot styles in general, let alone just police boots but with the huge range of different duties, requirements and challenges that our Police Forces face on a day to day basis Lowa boots could fulfill these roles. This is reflected in the number of reviews that rate incredibly highly on average the boots across our range with a variety of different reasons given.

5 Most Reviewed LOWA Police Boots