What Is Cambrelle® Lining & How Is It Used In LOWA Boots?

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Cambrelle® lining is a footwear lining specifically designed to offer comfort and moisture resistance for the user. The material was first produced in the early ‘70s when fibre technologists and chemists discovered they could combine nylon 6 and nylon 6.6 by using one as a core for the other to wrap around. This created a bicomponent fibre that was perfect for use as a non-woven textile.

Are Men’s Military Boots Different from Women’s Military Boots?

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There are a number of challenges during the process of manufacturing boots, each one requiring thoughtful design or the right materials to overcome. After 90 years in the industry, however, LOWA is well prepared for any and all challenges that may arise, be it the climate a particular military boot will be worn in or the occupations a safety boot is aimed at helping with. A lot of attention is given to the materials LOWA utilise and the design choices made, but one of the most obvious design factors, the difference between men and women's feet, is often overlooked.

LOWA Military Boots at Security & Counter-Terror Expo 2019

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With over 10,000 attendees, 300 exhibiting companies and 71 international delegations taking part, Security and Counter-Terror Expo 2019 is the UK’s most comprehensive national security event. In order to promote strategies, services and technologies with the safety of nations, infrastructures and peoples in mind, the Security & Counter-Terror Expo runs in close correspondence with Government agencies national operators and local authorities every year.


LOWA Boots’ Exclusive Monowrap® Frame Technology, What Is It?

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LOWA Monowrap Diagram

LOWA has kept pace with technological changes in order to create the finest quality military and tactical boots for over 90 years. Applying cutting-edge materials and manufacturing techniques ensures LOWA boots continue to be relied upon by armed forces and security personnel across the globe. Strength, comfort and durability are just three factors to consider, but they are certainly amongst the highest priorities for many. This is why LOWA boots often incorporate established footwear technologies like Vibram soles, GORE-TEX® membranes, and CORDURA® fabric uppers. In addition to these, LOWA has also developed some of its own technologies, including the exclusive Monowrap® Frame Technology.