How Age Changes LOWA Elite Light Combat Boots

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Leather Military Boots are renowned not only for their strength, versatility and durability but also their attractive aesthetic qualities. What fewer people are aware of is not all leather boots are the same, as there are in fact several different types of leather commonly used to make boots. Nubuck, suede, top-grain, and full-grain leather are just four examples of the different types of leather used to make boots, and the way in which the boot ages will depend on which it is made from.

See Us At The Outdoor Military Show On February 15th & 16th

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Being held in Exeter Castle on the 15th and 16 of February, the Outdoor Military Show is a defence exhibition aimed exclusively at the Outdoor Industry. Designed to provide the opportunity for outdoor clothing, footwear and equipment brands to sell directly to military buyers from all aspects of the MOD. 2018 marks the second year that the show will be being held and it provides brands like Keela, Karrimor SF, Mammut, Terra Nova & of course, Task Force Distributions with the perfect chance to display what they have to offer to Military buyers.


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How To Give Leather Military Boots A Deep Clean

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Even the most durable and hard-wearing military boots are susceptible to the damage caused by long-term exposure to the bacteria found in mud, which is why knowing how to clean them properly is essential. Giving leather boots a thorough clean is different from simply keeping them in good condition, as any protective sprays or wax treatments that have been applied will be removed and must be replaced to prevent boots from becoming damaged.

LOWA Leather Military Boot Cleaning Guide

The Different Types of Leather Uppers Used By LOWA

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A number of different materials are used to create uppers for LOWA military boots. The choice of material and whether or not a combination of two is employed depends on what the boot has been designed for, however, leather is used more often than not. Leather uppers are popular for a number of reasons and have developed a reputation due to their aesthetic and functional properties. Having said that, there are a number of different options when it comes to leather uppers and each comes with its own unique benefits and properties.