Task Force's Top 4 LOWA Safety Boots

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Designed to offer wearers unrivalled protection for their feet, the LOWA safety boots range is made up of footwear that has been built to meet even the most taxing demands.

LOWA Military Boots At The Security & Counter-Terror Expo

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Security & Counter Terror Expo

Attended by over 10,000 people representing more than 100 countries, this year’s Security & Counter Terror Expo took place at the Olympia Conference Centre in London between May 3rd and May 4th.

The LOWA Guide To Safety Boot Ratings, Codes & Standards

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Popular amongst those serving in the military, police force and fire services, safety boots are designed to afford their wearers protection against forceful impacts and some even offer a degree of resistance against electrical shocks, chemical damage, water penetration, and exposure to temperatures approaching 300°C. 

What Makes A Boot A Tactical Boot?

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Tactical boots, also known as police boots, are specifically designed to handle tough situations. Particularly common within the military, police force, and other public services, these kinds of boots excel in demanding environments and are perfectly suited for long-term use. Designed for enhanced performance and longevity, tactical boots must be hardwearing and sturdy yet also lightweight and comfortable.

LOWA Tactical Boot