LOWA Military Boots Customer Update Re. Covid-19

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The whole LOWA Military Boots team would like to express our thanks to you and every member of the emergency services who are working incredibly hard keeping us safe. In these uncertain times, we want to assure you that we are also doing all we can to do to support you over the coming weeks.

Why LOWA Military Boots Are Also The Perfect Hiking Boots

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Hiking is one of the most widely accessible ways to stay fit and enjoy the outdoors. The sense of accomplishment coupled with the sights, sounds and fresh air all come together to make hiking a truly enriching experience and pastime. Having an enjoyable hiking experience can be very dependent on certain conditions though, equipment being one of them. It’s rare now that people are heading out on hikes completely unprepared, partly in thanks to the expanding popularity of hiking, but often hikers aren’t thinking about the quality of the gear they’re using and the positive, or negative, impact that can have on their hike. Hiking boots are probably the most important piece of kit to any hiker. The proper footwear can help to alleviate aches, pains, and discomfort that can accrue over a hike.

Man And Woman Hiking

LOWA Boot Spotlight: The LOWA Renegade GTX® MID Range

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With well over 90 years of experience manufacturing and supplying outdoor and military boots, LOWA has seen countless improvements and changes to the way boots are designed, created and ultimately manufactured. The one thing that has remained consistent over the last century is the commitment to providing customers with the perfect boot for their needs. We’ve worked hard to ensure that LOWA boots have become and will remain a name that countless professionals and hobbyists trust and rely on to deliver durable and comfortable footwear, no matter how you use them. To celebrate some of our most well known and well-loved ranges we will be producing short spotlights to showcase what has made them so popular.

Our Top 5 Most Reviewed LOWA Gore-Tex Boots 2020

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The combination of LOWA design with GORE-TEX® has helped create some of the most widely celebrated boots LOWA produce. Despite all having a GORE-TEX® waterproof membrane in common, each of our LOWA boots brings something different to the discussion. To help our customers decide which of our boots is the best choice for them we’ve curated a list of our most highly reviewed boots for you to look over for pointers. This list covers some of our LOWA GORE-TEX® lined boots and you’ll quickly see just how many have outstanding reviews.