What To Look For In A Cold-Wet Weather Military Boot

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We know the sun is shining now, but Summer is almost over and that means now is the time to start thinking about your cold-wet weather footwear. If you spend a lot of time outside in the winter, you’re probably very familiar with the common conditions encountered during the season: Deep snow, boggy mud, and cold, wet weather. Needless to say, cold and wet conditions require waterproof sturdy, high-quality military boots that have been built to protect feet from low temperatures and adverse weather conditions. After all, navigating harsh terrain during a winter storm is made slightly easier with reliable and comfortable footwear.

Why The LOWA Zephyr Is The Perfect Boot For Airsoft

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Are you an airsoft enthusiast? Is your go-to sport or hobby of choice running through obstacles and gearing yourself up for airsoft ? Even if you aren’t a seasoned airsoft guru, it’s important you realise the benefits of utilising quality equipment when engaging in airsoft events. Safety is an important thing to consider, so when preparing yourself for airsoft scenarios it’s best to equip yourself with quality gear: plate carriers, helmets, webbing, eye protection & boots to name a few.

Man aiming through the scope of an Airsoft rifle

LOWA Military Boots At The National Airsoft Festival 2019

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Looking for a weekend to remember in August? In just a few short weeks from August 23 - 25, 2019, the major airsoft event of the year returns: The National Airsoft Festival 2019. First started in 2007, the National Airsoft Festival is the fastest growing airsoft event in Europe and players come together from across the continent for a fun and competitive weekend of airsoft.

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What Is The LOWA Boots Warranty & Repair Policy

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The LOWA standard for excellent product means we stand by the quality and longevity of our footwear. Keeping this in mind, we want our customers to know that our commitment to the environment and responsibly sourced materials and manufacturing practises means we’re proud to present the very best product available.

LOWA Warranty & Repair Policy