LOWA Tabbing Boots: The 5 Best Boots For Rucking

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We recently looked into the health benefits of tabbing and found that comfortable footwear is one of the most important items you need alongside clothing, socks, your bergen, daysack or backpack.

If you’re a keen ‘tabber’ or ‘rucker’, as our American cousins like to call it, - then you will know that not just any footwear can be worn, the weight of the bergen on your back puts a lot of pressure on your body so it’s important to make sure that you are wearing the right footwear to provide support in this form of exercise.


LOWA Elite Boots

The LOWA Elite Boots are a great tabbing boot option, thanks to its lightweight qualities with reviewers describing the best part of these boots to be the support and comfort that they provide. Support in tabbing boots is essential and these boots provide support both to the ankle as a result of the lacing system and also to the sole helping to limit the impact during tabbing. Available in both black (limited size options available) and brown, these boots are also a great option for those working in various uniform colour options, MTP, multicam, etc.

LOWA Zephyr Mid Boots GTX

Another feature required in a tabbing boot is a good deep tread for traction in the boot. The cross soles in the LOWA Zephyr Mid Boots GTX are built with a special lug design and tread, which performs spectacularly in outdoor environments, giving the wearer exceptional grip on different terrains no matter what the weather conditions are.

The GORE-TEX extended comfort footwear lining in the LOWA Zephyr Mid Boots GTX does exactly what it says on the tin, and provides waterproof comfort to the wearer whilst also being a functional boot. The membranes have been made for those taking part in demanding activity, whether that be for short or long periods of time, making this one of the best boots for rucking exercises in wet weather.

When tabbing/rucking you are obviously carrying a lot of additional weight in your daysack, bergen or rucksack, therefore it’s important to think about possibly choosing a lightweight boot so that you are not lugging around extra unnecessary weight, the LOWA Zephyr Mid Boots GTX is a great option for this, with these being an option for both men and women. Bear in mind that by choosing a more lightweight boot you may be compromising on the level of ankle support that may come with a heavier boot.

LOWA Z8S GORE-TEX Mid Boots Brown

Built on the success of the LOWA Zephyr and after receiving requests from the military for a more stable, lightweight and supportive boot, the Brown LOWA Z8S GORE-TEX® Mid Boots was created. This was a hybrid between a combat military boot and a walking boot giving the ability to carry out a number of tasks and functions. This boot provides the characteristics of a stable lightweight hiking boot, whilst also providing support and protection of a traditional boot. With thanks to the lightweight characteristics of these LOWA boots the Z8S is also a great consideration when looking for tabbing boots.

LOWA Urban Military Boots

Although not officially tagged as a tabbing boot on our website, we’d also recommend the LOWA Urban Military Boots thanks to being a great lightweight option reliable for training and running. These boots have been reviewed highly by our customers, with one reviewer claiming “Brilliant boots - lightweight and very comfortable yet they have a lot of support and feel tough. Quality is brilliant and they look the nuts! The envy of a lot of mates at work.”. With a review like this, what better reason would you have then to purchase these boots for your next tabbing experience.

LOWA Elite Jungle Boots

Additionally, the LOWA Elite Jungle Boots are also a great choice of tabbing boots available in black, brown, and desert, these help delay the onset of fatigue and prevent feet from becoming sore throughout the day, which is an obvious need in tabbing boots.

These lightweight, hard-wearing boots actively draw heat and sweat away and allow your feet to breath ensuring the comfort of your boot. The ability to draw sweat away from your feet is a key feature required by most tabbing boots, as this will help to avoid blisters which can be a common issue when tabbing.

Ultimately, comfortable, lightweight boots for tabbing, rucking or a yomp are the best option and must ensure that you are supporting the whole foot. If you already own a pair of these LOWA boots mentioned above then you’re ready to start now. However, if you’re looking to purchase a pair of boots for tabbing would like some advice on the best pair for you get in touch today on 01752 344355 or email sales@taskforcedistribution.co.uk.


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