Are Leather Boots Good For Winter?

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There is no mystery as to why leather has become the material of choice when it comes to LOWA military and tactical boots. Generally speaking, leather is versatile and flexible as well as durable and hard-wearing, which makes boots made from it comfortable, reliable, and long-lasting. This isn’t to say that leather boots are without disadvantages, as Winter can provide a hefty challenge for even the most formidable leather boots.


Winter cabin surrounded by snow


LOWA Military Boots at Security & Counter-Terror Expo 2019

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With over 10,000 attendees, 300 exhibiting companies and 71 international delegations taking part, Security and Counter-Terror Expo 2019 is the UK’s most comprehensive national security event. In order to promote strategies, services and technologies with the safety of nations, infrastructures and peoples in mind, the Security & Counter-Terror Expo runs in close correspondence with Government agencies national operators and local authorities every year.


Task Force Distribution At The Emergency Services Show

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Held on the 20th and 21st of September, the Emergency Services Show 2017 took place at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham and featured all the products, innovations and technologies an emergency service professional could ever wish to have. In addition to hosting over 450 stands exhibiting the latest equipment - including one manned by the Task Force Distribution team - a variety of demonstrations, workshops and seminars also took place during the ESS.

Which Leather LOWA Military Boots Are Best For Winter 2018?

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While undoubtedly sturdy, durable and reliable, a great leather boot is not necessarily a great boot for winter. Rain, mud, and snow introduce adverse effects in leather, such as cracking and rot, while the cold and damp threaten further damage and discomfort. Still, leather is too good to pass up due to its versatility and the level of comfort on offer, so it’s a good thing that there are several leather LOWA boots ideal for the cold, wet European Winters that we're all so used to.