5 Things To Consider When Buying New Police Boots

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As a member of the police force, it’s essential to have footwear that you can rely upon day in, day out. When working on your feet all day and often in fast-paced scenarios, the right police boots should provide you with support and comfort, allowing you to perform your duties to the best of your ability. In order to help you find the best police boots to support your work, be sure to look out for the following properties and characteristics.

Armed Police Officer And A Police Dog


Any good police boot should be made from durable material that will not wear down easily, whilst protecting your feet from injury in challenging environments. All LOWA police boots are made from high-performance materials that are built to perform in adverse conditions. The LOWA Combat Gore-Tex boots, for example, are made from full-grain leather and fitted with a performance Gore-Tex lining that keeps water and moisture out whilst allowing your feet to breathe and remain comfortable when you’re on the go. 


A supportive boot is essential for keeping your feet comfortable but also for preventing injury. Knowing the importance of excellent support when designing our footwear, all LOWA boots are fitted with supportive technologies. The LOWA Zephyr Mid boots, for example, feature a plastic stabiliser that improves ankle and joint stability. This is an important feature for protecting feet from injury whilst enhancing comfort, and this brings us on to our next point...


Choosing a police boot that is supportive is a big part of ensuring that your boots will keep you feeling comfortable on your feet all day. However, there are additional properties that will enhance comfort, namely the quality of the sole and the breathability of the fabric. All LOWA police boots are fitted with specialist soles. The LOWA patrol sole, which can be found on the LOWA Renegade II Gore-Tex Mid TF Tactical boot and R-6 Gore-Tex Tactical Boot, is relied upon by emergency service personnel for its energy absorbing heel and exceptional traction. The breathable Gore-Tex lining found on many of our LOWA police boots also helps to keep feet comfortable by allowing moisture to escape the boot. 


When you work in a job that is as varied as emergency service work, you need a boot that can keep up with different day to day demands. A police boot needs to be versatile and multifunctional. Lightweight yet hard-wearing, the LOWA Z8N Gore-Tex C is one of our most versatile models and is made from a mixture of durable nubuck leather and Cordura. A patented Monowrap PU Midsole provides excellent comfort, whilst a Tactical Z Trac sole offers traction and stability, whatever the environment. 

Smart appearance

Last but certainly not least, you’ll need to ensure that your police boots meet uniform requirements. That’s why the best police boots look smart, whilst functioning at an exceptional level. LOWA has a range of black police boots to suit different requirements. All our police boots are made from smart full-grain leather, suede or Cordura that provides durability and comfort whilst maintaining a professional appearance. 

LOWA is a supplier of police boots to forces across the country. Our boots are relied upon by regular police officers as well as dog handlers, search teams, armed response, ARV teams and CTSFO’s. Whatever your role is within the police, we can advise you on the footwear options we have available. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for more guidance. 


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